Investing in real estate in the USA: its advantages and a unique offer for relocating in a “one-stop shop” format

Published at: 30/09/2018 11:54 pm

On September 29, in the Avangard room of the Meeting Point business center (Lesnaya St. 7, Moscow), an event was held on the theme “Investing in Real Estate: Europe vs the USA – all the pros and cons”. The speakers were Milan Cimbolinec, First Vice-President of Discus Holdings Ltd., Elena Marinicheva, Managing Director of 5 Stars Estate and Yevgeniya Zarubin, managing director of 5 Stars Estate USA. Is investment in European real estate profitable today? What financial indicators should one look to when investing in American properties? How can today’s affluent individuals immigrate to the USA, and why should they do so? Attendees at the event got answers to these questions and many others. Shifting in international relations, which have sometimes come quite unexpectedly, are driving consulting companies, in order to provide security for their wealthy clients, to places that are the calmest and most stable at present time. This is why Milan Cimbolinec, one of the most sought-after experts on investment migration in Europe and the CIS countries, suggests looking into the United States of America. Why the USA? Here is one indicative statistic: only 10% of wealthy residents of the USA are thinking about moving elsewhere, only 16% of them are thinking about getting a second citizenship, and only 20% are thinking of a backup location. In Russia, however, these figures are 45%, 50%, and 39% respectively. Also worth considering is that the USA is a center for global business and investment, and 30% of all wealthy individuals’ money is held there. Furthermore, Mr. Cimbolinec notes, the USA is a global leader in the number of top universities and the amount of elite real estate, the number of super-yacht owners, and the level of everyday services. Discus Holdings Ltd., which brings together the entire chain of experts for various fields to meet the personal and corporate needs of individual clients, can offer its clients unique relocation services in a “one-stop shop” format. It is not just a matter of setting up residency in the USA but also about pre-immigration planning, full support during the process of moving and getting settled, help in registering and running a business, choosing real-estate properties for smart investing, turning a visa into a Green Card, and as an ultimate goal, obtaining US citizenship. An analysis of the immigration services market shows that precisely this kind of approach – one offering a possibility to obtain high-quality service under a single large company with a fine name and reputation, without having to waste one’s time searching for various service providers and managing correspondence with them – is the most appealing to wealthy clients today. This could also be seen from the event attendees’ interest in the one-on-one discussions that the speakers offered after the main program.


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