New investment option for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Published at: 03/09/2018 10:02 am

Antigua and Barbuda's government announced the new investment option, to help fund the University of the West Indies Campus, located at Five Islands. According to the announcement of Prime Minister Gaston Brown in the Parliament, the new investor immigration product has a price tag of 150,000 USD. The initial announcement happened four months ago, but he disclosed now the final details of the option. The program aims families with six or more applicants, and it includes one-year free tuition for a one member of the family. Browne also revealed the numbers of the previous period of the citizenship by investment programme. The Citizenship by Investment Unit received 278 application and EC $90 million arrived from the successful applicants of the citizenship programme. "This shows that the decision we took last year to reduce the prices to US$100,000 has restored the number of applications.” added the Prime Minister, according to the Antigua Observer. The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda passport allows you to travel visa-free to 149 countries, including the Member States of the European Union, the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean region, and most Commonwealth countries. A non-resident individual citizen is liable to tax only on income arising in Antigua and Barbuda. The process of becoming a citizens takes approximately five months. There are two investment options to obtain the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda: 1. The contribution option, when the primary applicant must donate a total of 125,000 USD to the National Development Fund (NDF), and there are additional costs for additional dependents. 2. The other option for the passport is investing in real estate. The minimum amount of investment is 400,000 USD, and the new citizen must keep the property for at least five years. There also additional state fees for dependents.


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