Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency assists €1.33 bn investment

Published at: 07/07/2016 07:44 pm

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency assists €1.33 bn investment In the first half of the year the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) was involved in the launch of 38 investments in Hungary, with a combined value of €1.33 bn, state secretary Levente Magyar said at a press conference. The investment projects realized in the first half this year created a total of 8,529 new jobs in the country, HIPA chairman Róbert Ésik said.       The majority of investments in the country, eight in all, were made by US-based companies, according to HIPA. The United States was closely followed by Germany, with seven companies investing in Hungary in the January-June period. Ésik noted that, broken down by sector, the automotive and vehicle manufacturing industries still dominate in terms of the number of foreign investments made as well as in terms of the value of the capital invested. HIPA is expecting to conduct talks in the second half of the year with 169 companies, who are planning to invest a total of €5 bn of capital in the country, Ésik said-according to The Hungarian Residency Program offers a unique opportunity for those, who use the benefits of business migration. Out of the 38 projects realized in the first half of the year, 25 were supported based on individual government decisions, and the government funding in those cases covered 16% of investment costs on average, Ésik said, according to Hungarian news agency MTI.


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