Rent a property in Hungary

Published at: 06/03/2014 01:34 pm

Rent a property in Hungary

The new residents who enjoy the advantages of the Hungarian Residency Bond Programme must have an address in Hungary.

Our colleagues can give advice about the best resolutions, but the general way is always renting a property. The new Hungarian residents do not have to spend a minimum time of Hungary, but it is still obligatory to have an address.

The rental prices in Hungary are relative cheap comparing with other countries in the Schengen area. The cheapest prices are in the eastern part of the country, there the average square meter is 1120 HUF (3.60 EUR) in flat made of brick. In the same category the rental cost in the western part of the country is 1200HUF (4 EUR) and 1530HUF (5 EUR) in Budapest, the capital.

Process of renting a house in Hungary

Renting a house in Hungary for residents or even for absolutely foreigners is an easy and straightforward process. The tenant can search for property him or herself or can use an agent.

Normally the owner of the property pays the agent so it means no extra cost for the renter. The deposit is in most cases equal to one or two months rental cost. The tenant has to be very careful with the contract.

Never accept to sign a contract with the landlord without reading it. If the contract is in Hungarian ask someone for help because these contracts can be very tricky!

In Hungary there is the free market for rentals and the so called “controlled sector”. The controlled sector is where the owner of the residences is the municipality or the state and the rent is stipulated by law.

Very important that the rental agreement does not have to be drafted in any special form it may also be a verbal agreement.

The tenancy contract or agreement can be concluded for a definite term, or for indefinite term, or until the occurrence of a certain condition defined in the contract or agreement.


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