How to obtain a residency in the European Union?

Published at: 06/03/2014 01:32 pm

How to obtain a residency in the European Union?

The European Union (EU) consists of 28 sovereign countries, which authorize all citizens to work, travel and live in the country of their choice. Not only the citizens but the residents can also freely work, travel, or just retire, without any problems in any member state of the EU. The European Union supports individuals and their families with possibilities that other individual countries around the world can’t offer. From its start in 1993. the “Single Market” states that people, money, services, and goods can move freely within the European Union. Presently over 450 million EU citizens and residents can benefit from these options.

Several independent member states of the EU are offering residency by investment. The most popular residency programs can be found in Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Portugal and in Greece. Each has its unique advantages but the Hungarian Residency Bond Program has some very popular aspects, these benefits can not be found in the other EU residency or golden visa program.

First of all almost every residency program starts with a purchase of an property. The prices are depending of each country, but the cheapest possibility is in Greece, where the property’s value is minimum 250.000 euros.

By participating in the Hungarian Residency Scheme, the applicant does not have to buy a property, only has to buy the Residency Bonds and will get back the investment after 5 years!

The residency programs of the other countries take time to finalize the whole process. The applicant has to find a property to buy. Only after the purchase can start the process. By participating in the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, the whole process from the first contact will take only one month! No doubt that the Hungarian process is the fastest for obtaining an EU permanent residency permit!


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