Advantages and possibilities of living in the European Union

Published at: 25/02/2014 10:10 am

Advantages and possibilities of living in the European Union

The main benefits of living in the EU are:

All EU member states are working together, there are no wars between the EU states. It looks obvios but the truth is that the Union made Europe a peaceful place. All EU citizens and residents are equal, they can travel freely and settle in any EU country without permission. The y can work in other EU states and pay taxes where they live or/and work. Everybody can buy properties in other EU countries and can form companies, enterprises, open bank accounts, study (in many cases for free), etc.

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If you apply for EU residency with Schengen Visa by the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, you can travel and stay where you want int he Union. There is no minimum time set for residing in Hungary. It means that you can work where you want and will have the Hungarian residency. If you participate in any other EU member states residency or Golden Visa Program, you have to live in that country and have to stay in that country at least 186 days in every year. With the Hungarian permanent residency permit you are free in the European Union as a citizen.

The citizens and residents of the EU are commonly insured and the health care insurance is valid in the entire territory of the Union. Europeans (residents also) can vote in any other member state for the Local Authorities. The common market is duty free for everyone, the richer countries are helping the less developed ones. The EU has common economical policy for abroad.

The free movement of persons inside the EU is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens and residents of the European Union (EU) by the Treaties. It is realised through the area of freedom, security and justice without internal borders. Lifting and eliminating internal borders necessitate strengthened management of the Union’s external borders as well as restricted entry and residence of non-EU nationals, by a common asylum and immigration policy.


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